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Safe School Zones, Safe Students

It’s an exciting time in Pinellas County as the students throughout the county head back to school. With it being that time of year though, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind to keep everyone safe as the students head to class. Statistics show there are as many as 100 students who are injured every year in accidents that occur within school zones. This means, a place that is designed to be safe for children could end up being the most dangerous. The most common cause of this is lack of attention, either on the part of the student or the motorist. Most accidents involving students in school zones occur when students are getting into or out of a bus. Passing a stopped school bus is a 4-point infraction in the state of Florida and is very dangerous, so it should be avoided at all times. For more on school bus safety and passing guidelines please visit To accommodate students who walk or bike to school, the speed limits around most Florida schools is 15 mph. There may be crossing guards or signs to indicate when you should practice extra caution. Students should be taught to practice pedestrian safety rules of looking left and right before crossing the street and students who bike should walk their bike across the intersection. Make sure to plan with students who walk or bike what the closest and fastest route possible is, using intersections that have crossing guards as far as possible. There is very little that is more important than securing our students have a bright future. Paying full attention while driving through school zones helps preserve that future for them, while ensuring that you and your vehicle stay safe and out of legal trouble.

Sharing is Caring!


Sharing is Caring!

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