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Why Should I Get a Corporate Lawyer For My Business in Florida?

Being proactive with your business in Florida by hiring a corporate lawyer can protect your business from having to spend large sums of money, time and effort in the future. Mistakes in contracts, structures and disputes can leave you open to fines, litigation and ruined business relationships. There are many areas our Florida corporate lawyers can help you with, including:

To Help A New Business with Its Business Formation

If you’re starting a new business, then hiring a corporate lawyer is a very wise idea to launch your dream optimally and smoothly. There are various business structures for you to choose from, including LLCs, C Corporations and S Corporations. If you don’t choose the right structure, you may find yourself in hot legal water later on; for example, partnerships and sole proprietorships are more exposed to liability than an LLC A corporate lawyer can help you:
  • Advise on the best type of business structure for your vision and liability protection.
  • Advise on sales contracts and other agreements related to the day-to-day running of a business.
  • Follow statutory regulations
  • Help you understand your liabilities, tax obligations and other demands.

To Draft Documents

Business contracts are at the heart of all corporate law, as they can protect you from costly lawsuits and allow for the recovery of damages should another party let you down. Business contracts are full of technical legal language that can easily be misinterpreted or incorrect if written by someone who isn’t an expert on the subject. For example, Florida law and precedent must be considered.
  • Partnership agreements (that define the rights of each partner and how the relationship will change over time)
  • Purchase agreements
  • Contracts of sale
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  • Employment agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Bill of sales
  • Security Agreements
An experienced Florida corporate lawyer will review, negotiate and draft your legal agreements for your needs and state laws. They can protect you from potential liability issues and protect your business.

No More Risky Internet Templates

Nobody ever regrets using a corporate lawyer to draft their contracts, but many people regret using internet templates. With a Florida corporate lawyer, you won’t need to risk using DIY templates or purchasing semi-legal documents, books or software. Be warned that templates are drafted for someone else’s business – not yours. Every business is different and DIY templates can leave you vulnerable to litigation. They can also leave clients and collaborators with an unprofessional impression of your business. Read Related: Why Single Member LLCs Should Have an Operating Agreement


Each industry has its own set of regulations, and these are changed by local and federal agencies every year. If you take these on alone as a business owner, you’ll need to scour official websites and journals or attend conventions. That’s not always possible or easy. A Florida corporate lawyer can ensure your business stays in line with the frequently evolving regulations, laws and guidelines as they devote their time to staying up to date. They’ll clarify any confusion you may have. If you fail to adapt to industry changes, you’ll pay a high price. Fines and legal action could occur if your business is non-compliant.

Resolving Disputes

If someone, either internally or externally, does threaten a lawsuit then a corporate lawyer will find the best resolution fast. It’s easy for these situations to get heated and expensive. A lawyer will try to avoid a courtroom situation and find a resolution that minimizes the damage to your business, such as through mediation. Read Related: 10 Ways to Avoid and Resolve Partnership Disputes

To Review Your Business Relationships

The relationship between your business partners and your clients will inevitably change over time. As this happens, a lawyer can help you anticipate what needs to be done in documentation and your agreements. This is an ongoing process that can help you avoid the vast costs of a court appearance and best of all to maintain profitability.

Protect Intellectual Property

Protecting your business’s intellectual property is an often overlooked reason to hire a corporate lawyer, but it is critical to keep your business unique and different from your competitors. You may need to file a trademark, patent or copyright all of which can be assisted by your corporate business lawyer.

For Business Growth

Imagine you want to expand either in Florida, out-of-state or via the business’ structure. This is a complex task that requires extensive planning and surveying of local and Federal laws. By having a Florida business lawyer on your side from day one, they’ll be on the same page as you to understand the best route of action.

Registered Agent Services

Florida law requires that all business entities have a registered agent or resident agent who is at a resident office during certain hours. This can be your business lawyer, who can serve as a representative of your business. This can allow you to be out of state, or away from work without the risk of missing important federal or state letters or demands.

Hire a Corporate Contract Lawyer in Riverview and St. Petersburg, FL

If your business needs a business lawyer in Pinellas County, FL then please contact us today for a free consultation. We regularly help businesses of all sizes to handle legal matters from contracts and disputes to sales and compliance.

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